Tracking Progress in Child Survival

Countdown to 2015

13 - 14 December 2005

Beveridge Hall, Senate House, University of London

The first in a series of two-yearly rolling reviews of progress in child survival as called for in the Bellagio/Lancet Child Survival series 2003. The objectives of the first conference are:

  • Review progress towards the achievement of high and equitable coverage with essential child survival interventions and reductions in child mortality in countries; identify barriers to such progress and how they can be addressed; and share new knowledge and information needs relevant to scaling up.
  • Agree on a small number of indicators that will serve as the basis for monitoring coverage outcomes in child survival; and propose a process for measuring these indicators.
  • Foster and co-ordinate institutional commitments to child survival efforts; and agree on mechanisms to hold governments and partners accountable for progress.

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